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Apex NC Window Repair

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Expert Window Repair Company in Apex

Broken glass, water damage, wood rot, and material failure can all add up to a need for window replacement or repair. You may wonder which is the more sensible option. It can sometimes come down to available budget, but there are other factors to consider as well. Our window experts can give you a better idea of the best solutions for your particular problem.

Is It Cheaper to Fix Leaking Windows Than Replace Them?

Mild damage and wear with windows often cause leaks but are both simple and inexpensive to repair. Extensive problems like wood rot and sill replacement might make it slightly more expensive, but it will still cost less than complete window replacement. Wood rot might still need taken care of before a new window is installed anyway, which means even more costs. You can lose value in an older home by changing out original features like doors, windows, wood floors, and similar items. It is almost always cheaper to fix leaking windows than replace with new.

Comprehensive Repair Windows, Sills, or Add Insulated Storm Windows

No matter whether you need sash, frame, sill, glass, or any other type of window repair, our service technicians will come up with the solution and provide you with a reasonable estimate. We also fix window screens and can add storm windows to help offer insulative qualities to lower energy bills.

Hire an Accomplished Window Repair Company in Apex

Our experienced window repair contractor is licensed, insured and has provided high-quality repairs for all types of windows, frames, and sills. We take time to inspect the window and diagnose the exact problem. You can feel confident that we repair windows right the first time.

Call us and schedule an appointment to get a free estimate for all your window repair needs today!