Hidden Damage: Below the Shingles

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Often, homeowners may not consider what lies below their shingles. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Frequently, underlying damage exists to the roof deck, even without noticeable leaks or obvious outer damage to the roof. For this reason, Artisan believes in the importance of replacing the entire roof during installation. While applying a second layer of shingles might save a few dollars up front to avoid removal fees, layering may ultimately may cost in the long run. Damages like rotted sheathing, seen here, exemplify the importance of a full roof replacement. 

Today, most properly installed shingles/roofing systems have a life expectancy of 40+ years. However adding a second layer of shingles to mask the old ones does not guarantee this lifetime due to the potential damage that may be lurking below. Much like anything else, the integrity of the whole depends on the strength of its foundation, in the case, the roofing deck. The homeowners of the roof seen here reported no active leaks, but did know their roof needed replacing due to its age. During installation, the crew identified several rotting boards that required replacement. Our crew will always replace any and all damaged decking before laying down a new roof.

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