COVID-19 Update Artisan Quality Roofing will remain open during the global health crisis. To see how we're adapting, call our office or read more.

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COVID-19 Important Updates

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Artisan Quality Roofing will be maintaining business as usual! However, we will be taking additional precautions during this time. Our office staff and technicians remain healthy, and are adhering to the social distancing best-practices. We are still able to provide on-site visits, but we ask to allow a 6 foot distance during appointments, and our technicians will remain outside your home. See our COVID-19 FAQs for more information on how we’re staying safe. Additionally, please let us know if you require special accommodations. Our priority is to keep our staff and our customers safe while continuing to provide reliable service(s).

Helping the Community

As a community-oriented and family-owned business, Artisan Quality Roofing wants to provide support to our own community. For the month of May, Artisan will be donating up to $100 on each accepted full roof replacement to a COVID19 related charity. Local charities, especially food banks are in need of additional support during this uncertain time. For more information, check out the Helping the Community Page.


Is Artisan Quality Roofing open?

YES! Artisan Quality Roofing will remain open, and we will continue to repair and replace roofs as needed. As an ‘essential service,’ roofing and construction companies are continuing operations. Please call our office (919) 906-3791 between 9am-5pm with any questions or to schedule your FREE estimate appointment.

Can I still meet with a technician?

YES. While not required, technicians will still be available to meet with you on-site to address immediate questions. However, this is not required. Instead, our in-person estimate presentation consultation has now moved online where customers may meet virtually with a technician through Zoom.

Will the technician need to enter my home?

No. All of our appointments and service(s) can be completed from the exterior while maintaining a safe 6 ft. separation between individuals. Additionally, we ask that customers understand we will not be shaking hands during this time. If you have an interior issue (such as a leak or skylight) please provide the technician with photos of the area, and they will be able to diagnose the issue from the roof. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding at this time! 

What precautions are Artisan Quality Roofing taking amidst the current global health crisis?
  • Increased hand washing. Our team members are vigilantly keeping germs at bay with regular hand washing and portable use of hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes. 
  • At appointments. We understand that leaks stop for none, not even a global health crisis. Artisan is still able to provide estimates without entering any homes. If you notice interior leaks, please take a photo of the area in order to help with diagnostic evaluation.
  • On the job-site. Our services can be completed from the exterior. Therefore, we are able to continue providing our repair and replacement services. For larger jobs, our crew is remaining at a 6 foot distance from one another during onsite work
  • In our office. We are limiting the number of people in our office to only 1-2 people at a time. In order to keep both our staff and customers safe, we ask for customers to refrain from coming to our office and instead reach out via phone with any questions. 

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

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Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

(And Why You Should Avoid the Door-to-Door Roofers)

After the recent hail storm in the Triangle Area, you’ve probably noticed all the roofers canvassing the neighborhoods. There are yard signs galore and construction projects daily. Before signing with the first contractor available, we strongly recommend doing your research first.

Know that your roof will not collapse overnight. Hail merely wears down the shingles. You always have time to do your research first. 

Your roof is one of the largest investments you will make on your home. Whether it’s an insurance job or you’re paying out of pocket, you’ll want to make sure you get the best workmanship possible from a local company. Otherwise, you may pay the cost later on. 

Unfortunately, much of our business is fixing poor roofing jobs other companies did. The work was done so poorly that the homeowners experience roofing issues just a few years after installation. Their old roofer uses a warranty loophole to get out of the work or has gone back to their home state.

These roofers try to scare homeowners into thinking they need to replace their roofs and file a claim right after the storm. Their goal is to get as many jobs as possible only to subcontract out the work and then go back home.

We call them storm chasers.

What are storm chasers?

Storm chasers are roofing salespeople. They go state to state “chasing” after big storms. These salespeople find the neighborhoods that were hit hardest and go door-to-door offering free inspections. They almost always tell you to file a claim and pressure you to do it on the spot.

They do not have a home office in the area. Usually, they haven’t been in business very long and do not have a solid team of roofers. Instead, they utilize subcontractors who may not even be certified or skilled in roofing. 

The result? Poorly installed roofs that don’t last long and develop issues within a few years of installation. When those problems do come, the roofing company is no longer there to help. 

That’s why, even when it’s an insurance job, you want to make sure you pick the right roofer because you don’t want to have to do it over again out-of-pocket. 

So, how do you spot these storm chasers?

They might be a storm chaser if…

  1. They go door to door uninvited.

They don’t have enough business otherwise, and they don’t have a strong enough reputation to let the homeowners approach them.

  1. They have a “lifetime” workmanship warranty.

When they say they have a lifetime workmanship warranty, that is a huge red flag. No business can promise that, because no business can guarantee they will be around that long. 

  1. They make you sign something before going on the roof.

Be very wary of what you sign. If a roofer asks you to sign something before they go on your roof, it could secretly be an agreement to use them as your roofer, and then you’re stuck.

  1. They push you to file a claim right away.

You always have time to do your research. Even if your roof is leaking, there are ways to temporarily fix leaks so you can take your time to weigh your options. Storm chasers are not around for very long, so they will push you to decide right away so they can get the job and go. 

  1. Their crew does not have any company gear.

When a crew doesn’t match the company, chances are they are subcontractors. 

  1. Their license plate is from another state.

If your roofer has a license plate from another state, it’s a tell-tale sign they are not local. 

  1. They will not provide you a quote without seeing the insurance paperwork.

Many storm chasers insist on seeing your insurance paperwork. Yes, insurance paperwork is incredibly helpful for a roofer. It has all your roof measurements, making it easier and faster to put together a quote. We sometimes ask for it too, but we never require it. Storm chasers require your insurance paperwork so they can match their quote to it to maximize their profits–even if their job doesn’t actually cost that much. 

  1. They offer to “pay” your deductible.

Number one, this is illegal. Number two, they probably will just add the cost of your deductible to the roofing quote to make up for it. 

Each of these clues should act as a “stop” sign for you. If you notice any of these things, you’ll want to pause and do some research before moving forward with that contractor. 

Information to verify when choosing a roofer

Do not just ask. Verify. A business can tell you they are local and have been in business for a long time, but can they prove it? Local could mean the other side of the state. “A long time” could be six months. Ask for proof and backing on their claims. Visit the Better Business Bureau or Secretary of State website to verify their location and how long they have been in business.

Below are 7 things to verify when choosing a roofer.

  1. How long have they been in business?

Even if a roofer’s warranty policy looks great, it won’t matter if they have only been in business for six months. You want to find a roofer who is established enough that they will be around to uphold the warranty they promise you.

  1. Where are they located?

Most storm chasers come from other states. Consequently, if something goes wrong with your roof after installation, they won’t be around to fix it. With a local roofing company, you know they will physically be there to help if anything goes wrong down the line. 

  1. Do they utilize any subcontractors?

Subcontracting is not evil, but it’s not great either. A business is only as good as its workers. If your roofer uses whatever crew they can find, how can they guarantee quality work? Their work is inconsistent, and the crew often is untrained in proper installation procedures. 

  1. Who is certified in the roofing process?

Shingle brands offer certifications to contractors so that homeowners can guarantee that the roofers know what they are doing. Unfortunately, for many roofing companies, only the owner gets certified, not the crew. Subsequently, a company may say they are “certified”, but the people putting the roof on your house have no certification training. 

  1. Do they use the same brand for all the roofing components?

The top shingle manufacturer warranties require that all roofing components are the same brand. If you use CertainTeed shingles, you need to also use CertainTeed underlayment, flashing, etc. Otherwise, it voids the product warranty. Be wary of roofing companies that mix and match accessories to cut costs. While they may tell you they are installing a shingle with a 40-year warranty, you may not get the warranty if they use different brands for the accessories. 

  1. Does the crew have liability and workers’ compensation insurance?

Ask for proof of worker’s compensation and liability insurance not just of the roofing company, but of the crew doing the work. Your roofing company may have insurance, but if they utilize a subcontractor for the work, and the subcontracted crew isn’t covered, you would be liable for any accidents that occur onsite. 

  1. Understand your estimates.

This is the most important piece of advice we could give. Roofers know that many homeowners just look at the bottom line, and they will take advantage of that. 

It’s common to collect three estimates before deciding on a contractor for roofing. When looking at the estimates, however, you want to make sure you are looking past the numbers. Because roofing is a complicated process with lots of construction terms, it’s easier to glaze over the contract and just compare the bottom lines.

But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Does the contract include replacing any rotted or broken sheathing boards? If not, your roofer may install new shingles on rotted wood, leading to leaks later on.

Do they only install new accessories and flashing “as needed”? If so, your roofer is cutting corners on materials and labor to make more money, but they aren’t replacing what’s necessary to make your roofing system water-tight. 

Does it include cleanup? Your roofing crew should clean up after themselves. Ideally, they will cover your landscaping with tarps to prevent damage and move heavy furniture out of the way before install. Afterward, they will clean out your gutters to remove all the loose granules and do a magnet sweep of the yard for any loose nails.

Ultimately, you want to make sure you are getting a new roofing system with all the quality components, not just new shingles on top of old accessories. 

Why does all this matter?

Because your roof is an investment. With the newer architectural shingles, it’s meant to last you 40-50 years, but only if it’s installed properly. For something that’s supposed to last that long, you will want to do your research before signing with the first person to knock on your door. Roofing is a complicated process, and not every crew is skilled enough to install your roof properly. 

Why are we telling you all this?

At Artisan, we operate much differently than most roofing companies. Our goal is to help you make the most informed decision about your roof while also providing you with the best workmanship. 

That’s why, when you call us to get a roof quote, we don’t just provide you with a number. We offer a free consultation between you and one of our roofing experts to educate you about the roofing process–labor, materials, insurance, and warranties–so that you can make the wisest decision for you, your family, and your home. Whatever roofer you choose, we want to help you feel confident in the decision you are making.

That’s why we do not utilize any subcontractors. Instead, we’ve had the same roofing crew from the very beginning that’s trained and extremely skilled in their work. 

That’s why we aren’t a couple of guys with trucks. We have a home office in Apex, NC, with a staff whose entire job is to take care of the customer before, during, and after the roof installation. 

That’s why we call ourselves Artisan Quality Roofing. 

Looking to get a new roof? Contact Artisan Quality Roofing, and we will help you through the whole process so you can be confident you are paying for a roofing system that will last.

Leaks are Clues!

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Ceiling Leak

Experiencing leaks in your home during tropical storm Isaias? Your roof might need more than a band-aid fix. While sometimes you just need a resealed boot, leaks can often be a clue that something bigger is wrong with your roof. 

If your roof is leaking and 10+ years old, you may want to consider scheduling a tune up. During a roof tune up, our team reseals pipe collars and exhaust fans, repairs flashing, nails down any loose shingles, and replaces boot flashing and broken or missing shingles. It’s an excellent way to preserve and extend the life of your roof.

If your roof is 15+ years old, it may be nearing the end of its life. Consider having an informal inspection done to determine the status of your roof and see if you need either a tune up or even a roof replacement in the near future. 

Remember, leaks are clues that something bigger is going on. At Artisan Quality Roofing, we are here to help you with any roofing issues–whether it be a leak, tune up, or total roof replacement.

If you know something is wrong but aren’t sure what, consider scheduling a FREE estimate with us. We are here for you in this stormy season.

Warranty Options

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We stand by our products

(and they stand by us!)

Artisan Quality Roofing utilizes the highest quality products, and operates with a superior crew. Every full roof is installed per manufacturer specifications, guaranteeing product warranties are upheld when applicable. For all installations, Artisan installs all new accessories ensuring each roofing system is complete, per manufacturer recommendations. This separates Artisan from other contractors, as in many cases, materials like flashing and vents are only replaced as needed. Artisan believes all new materials are necessary to ensure a long-lasting roof.

A new roof with architectural shingles is a ‘Lifetime’ investment, with popular companies labeling their products as such. For most manufacturers, properly installed roofs include warranties lasting upward of 40 years against manufacturer and product defect. However, while the standard product warranties do extend 40 years, they are often prorated. While still excellent warranties, there are other options. 

Many popular shingle manufacturers, including CertainTeed, Owens Corning and GAF offer extended warranties to trusted contractors certified in installation and known to meet/exceed manufacturer expectations. As a respected company, Artisan Quality Roofing qualifies to offer these extended warranty options.

In addition to product warranties, Artisan Quality Roofing also offers a standard 10 year workmanship warranty on all new roof installations. In addition to this option, both CertainTeed and Owens Corning extended warranties support our workmanship warranties. Not only does Artisan Quality Roofing stand behind its workmanship, but our manufacturer’s recognize our craftsmanship as well!


As a Select Shingle Master, Artisan Quality Roofing proudly offers CertainTeed’s SureStart Plus 5-Star Extended Warranties. Benefits of a SureStart Plus 5-Star Warranty include an 50 year, non-prorated product warranty. Additionally, in conjunction with Artisan’s 10 year workmanship warranty, CertainTeed’s SureStart Plus 5-Star warranty also extends the workmanship warranty to 25 years. 

Owen’s Corning

Artisan Quality Roofing is qualified as a preferred contractor through Owen’s Corning. In addition to Owen’s Corning’s Standard product warranty, preferred contractors offer the Preferred Protection Ltd. Warranty. Preferred Protection extends the TRU PROtection period (coverage for the cost of labor and materials due to manufactural defect) to 50 years. Preferred Protection Ltd. Warranties also reinforce Artisan’s 10-year workmanship warranty, providing customers additional peace of mind. 


Certified through GAF, Artisan Quality Roofing is able to offer the System Plus Warranty in addition to GAF’s standard System Ltd. Warranty. The System Plus Warranty extends GAF’s Smart Choice Protection Period to 50 years.  

Contact Artisan Quality Roofing today for more information about roof replacements and warranties or to schedule your FREE Roof Replacement Consultation. 

Bad Boots?

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These boots were NOT made for walking. Just like rubber rain boots protect the wearer from getting wet, on a roof, rubber pipe ‘boots’ surround and protect areas where plumbing vents penetrate a roof. Boots seal the pipe(s) extending through the roof and prevent precipitation from seeping through around edges. Even properly installed, life expectancy for roof boots is not equivalent to the life expectancy of most modern shingle options. For this reason, boots are the culprit for many roof leaks, as the rubber can crack under prolonged exposure to weather.

While asphalt shingles last upwards of 50 years, most boots last closer to 8-12 years. A regular Roof Tune Up can identify bad or poorly installed boots and replace them prior to any leaks. If you notice a leak that seem to originate near a vent, especially in the bathroom, a cracked or worn boot is likely your source. Ensure you are hiring a roofing professional to repair or replace your boots, as an inexperienced “handyman” can ultimately lead to more damage. Exposed, rusted nails and sloppy caulking applied signify poor or inexperienced workmanship.

Properly installed boots should be nailed on the sides and above the pipe, under the protective shingle layer. If you suspect bad boots, call us today at (919) 906-3791 to schedule a Roof Tune-Up or Repair Estimate.

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