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Quick and Effective Raleigh Roof Leak Repair

Tracking down a roof leak is not an easy job unless it is what you do for a living. We are quick at locating leaks and the damage that causes the roof to begin leaking. You can get the repairs done right away and eliminate the moisture invading your home.

Why Do I Have a Leaking Roof?

The reasons for a leaking roof are numerous, and it takes bringing in a professional to determine the exact cause. An expert roofer will know where to look and narrows down the cause in a short amount of time. You can then decide whether to go ahead with the repairs. A few reasons you develop a roof leak are:

• Loose, broken, or missing roofing tiles and shingles
• Accidental nail holes from a faulty repair
• Worn surface materials from age
• Pooling water from a sagging roof
• Missing flashing
• Poorly installed skylights, satellite dishes, or solar panels, and more

How Long Does It Take to Fix Roof Leaks in Raleigh?

The amount of time required to fix roof leaks in Raleigh is dependent on the extent of the damage or wear. Some damage is so bad that it is senseless to repair simply. It may require a complete roof replacement. It will take a few days to complete a job that extensive. Other simple repairs can take as little as three or four hours from start to finish.

Should I Use a Licensed Roofing Contractor to Fix a Roof Leak?

It is an excellent idea to utilize a licensed roofing contractor if you have a roof leak. The main reason is to rely on their extensive knowledge. Our roofing contractor has been in the business a long time and can hunt down a roof leak in remarkably short time. Second, you want to feel they are professional and care about their work. Most carry plenty of insurance to protect your property if anything goes wrong.

If your Raleigh roof leaks, we want to know about it! We offer free estimates for any repairs that are needed to stop the leak and get your roofing in great shape.