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Raleigh Roof Replacement Company and Storm Damage Repair

Weather patterns increasingly become unpredictable, and the chaos of severe storms can happen with almost no warning. Driving rains, pounding hail, and strong winds all can cause significant damage to your home and roof. We are here to assess the roof damage and provide the services you need to keep your home protected from the weather.

How Can I Repair Leaks After Storm Damage to the Roof?

One of the toughest parts of fixing leaks caused by storm damage to the roof is locating where the water is coming into the house. You can have a leak appearing in the far right corner ceiling and the actual roof damage located on the opposite end. Water is fluid and moves, glides, and drips down causing a deceptive orientation of initial location of intrusion. Our roofing contractor is knowledgeable in tracking down the damage causing leaks and will have it repaired quickly.

Is Hail Damage to the Roof Hard to See?

The sandy grit that covers asphalt shingles is there for a significant purpose. It helps retain the integrity of the roofing product and keep it from degrading with sunlight and heat. It also helps direct water off of the roof to protect the surface. Hail as small as one-quarter-inch diameter can cause the grit to fall away, leaving your roofing shingles vulnerable to early material failure. Hail can also dent and crack perfectly good roofing products, which also jeopardize your roof and home interior structures. We will fully inspect for hail damage to the roof and recommend any necessary repairs.

Emergency Repairs for Major Roof Storm Damage

High winds from tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning strikes, uprooted trees and flying debris can slam into your roof and cause extensive damage. We are a Raleigh roof replacement company that offers emergency repairs and replacement after a severe storm leaves your roof in complete disarray.

Contact us if you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a recent storm. We will diagnose the situation quickly and offer you a free estimate for the repairs or roof replacement you need to get life back to normal.