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Professional Window Repair Company In Raleigh

You do not have to spend a fortune to have good working windows. Window repair is a viable option for any homeowner that is on a limited budget or simply does not want to switch their older windows out for new. We will work with you in finding the perfect repair solution that provides you with all the function and great looks of new windows, at a fraction of the price.

Can Your Window Repair Company Fix Leaking Windows?

Water leaks around windows and window frames are more than an occasional nuisance. It does continual damage to the window frame, sill, walls, and begins to seep down into the floors and main supports of the home. Water damage weakens wood, destroys wallboard, and can decimate a wood floor in a hurry. Our window specialists will trace the source of the water infiltration and fix leaking windows for good.

Why Do I Feel a Draft by the Windows?

You should not feel any air movement when you stand by a closed window unless there is an HVAC vent right beneath your feet. Drafty windows are a sign of a significant problem that will only get worse when left unresolved. A few of the ways the air is coming in are

• Loose glass and loose panes
• Gaps in the window frame
• Cracked or broken window glass
• Warped wood that does not close completely
• Rotting window sill

Why Replace When You Can Repair Windows?

The cost of replacing windows is much higher than seeking simple quality repairs. You can damage the value of an older home by switching to modern designs in windows. Keeping all items in original condition is what gives some houses their elevated values. It makes it easy to choose to repair windows. Our prices are affordable, and you will like the finished results.

Contact us if you are seeking a window repair company in Raleigh that is fast, reliable, and affordable. We will stop by your Raleigh home and give you a free estimate for all of your needed window repairs right away!