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Gutters are essential in helping preserve the foundations and walls of your home. They carry water away from your home’s foundation and help prevent flooding. Damages caused by clogged or neglected gutters can cause a lot of trouble if gutters are not cleaned twice a year.

Foundation & Soil Erosion – Gutters and downspouts are designed to catch and divert the water that cascades off the roof line to keep it from damaging the foundation. Once a gutter catches the water, it will disperse it out of the downspouts to a designated area. This helps to remove the water and keep it away from the foundation of the home. Some of the early signs of foundation erosion include settlement cracks running up the walls of your house and near the windows. In some cases, the hallowed ground under the slabs cause weak spots in the foundation and can result in the walls becoming cracked.

Fascia and Soffit Rot – Fascia and soffit rot is typically caused by intrusive water damage. Residue that is left on the edge of the shingles will slowly drip down and get behind the gutters and rest of the soffit. Over time, this will cause the soffit and fascia to develop wood rot. To protect this from happening, newer homes use a drip edge, which acts as a barrier to redirect those stray drips of water into the gutter.

Driveway Heaving – If gutters are not cleaned at the appropriate times, water will begin to pool and then eventually overflow. When this happens, the water will fall along the foundation of the building, such as the driveway. This can then cause the soil under and around it to soften, which will then lead to foundation cracks. If the driveway is wet and then freezes, this will result in driveway heaving.

Flooded Basement – The number one reason for water ending up in the basement is overflowing gutters, which is caused by blockage. Just as clogged gutters can damage a building’s foundation by allowing water to collect close to the base of the structure, this same water can also infiltrate basement walls. When water collects in large quantities against a basement wall, it is almost inevitable that it will find its way into the basement. If water does leak into the basement, this can cause flooding. It’s critical to keep your gutters clean to prevent water from seeping into your basement and causing floods. Quality gutter guards and using an expert to routinely clean your gutters will prevent this by keeping debris and leaves out of the gutters so they can function properly.

Mold – Mold is a silent culprit that thrives in damp or wet areas. When gutters become clogged, the water will begin to pool. This creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. On top of damaging the structural integrity of the home, it can ultimately lead to a number of health issues including asthma episodes and coughs, runny noses, and even severe respiratory conditions. Maintenance plays a major role in preventing mold growth. Cleaning your gutters twice a year will help to ensure they don’t get clogged.

Stagnant Water that Breeds Mosquitoes – When gutters are not properly maintained, they inevitably clog become backed up. As a result, water begins to pool and the gutters become full of standing water. This creates the ideal breeding ground for mosquitos, who favor warm, wet environments. The Water provides them with a place to lay eggs, grow and develop. In the especially hot, sticky summers, the eggs will be ready to be deposited in your gutters quickly and easily by the swarming mosquitoes. Additionally, the leaves and branches clogged in the downspouts (keeping water there) will over time rot, which attracts mosquitoes as well.

Nesting Insects/Bugs/Birds – In addition to creating the perfect sanctuary for mold and mosquitoes, Clogged gutters also provide food, moisture and a protected area for insects of all kinds to live and breed. Open style gutters allow for leaves, pine needles and debris to piles up. This offers a nest for insects and bugs to live in, as well as birds. Bird nests might be pretty, but they can cause serious blockages in your gutters. If your gutters become littered with nest debris, they may not be able to divert water during a storm, which could lead to damage to your home. Your gutters may also break under the pressure of blockage. On top of cleaning your gutters, having gutter guards installed can prevent nests from forming. Gutter guards are sloped, plastic covers that protect the opening of the gutters. They allow rain to roll off the roof and into the gutters. Everything else- leaves, debris, nests- are blocked and unable to enter the gutters.

Snow & Ice Accumulation – In freezing temperatures during the winter months, any pooled water in backed up or clogged gutters will turn to ice or snow. Ice buildup in gutters will prevent the flow of melted snow to the downspouts for proper drainage. The stacked ice and snow will cause the run off to flow over the lip of the gutters, which creates long icicles. The accumulation of this ice and snow on your roof or inside your gutters can also cause costly water damage to your home. In more severe cases, trapped ice/snow can lead to roof collapse if too much accumulates.

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