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Artisan Earns Another Award

For last 6 years, Artisan Quality Roofing has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award. Angie’s List presents this award to businesses maintaining a superior service rating based on customer feedback. Artisan strives to provide quality products as well as excellent customer service. Don’t take our word for it – check out our reviews and let them speak for themselves. 

Safely Hang Holiday Lights

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The holiday season is here, whether you are ready or not. Lights and holiday films are iconic parts of the season, especially Christmas Vacation. Please keep your safety and your roof’s well-being in mind while you’re decorating this year. Don’t be like Clark Griswold. If you’re unfamiliar with this unsafe method of hanging lights, Clark uses, he decorates alone, balances on an unstable ladder, uses a staple gun, almost gets electrocuted and falls off his roof. While this has certainly made for great holiday entertainment over the years, there are much safer ways to hang lights on your roof.

For the integrity of your roofing system, do not use staples or nails. Staples and nails can damage your shingles and/or void your roof’s warranty. Additionally, they may lead to leaks in the future. Light clips are the best way to ensure both your roof and your lights remain undamaged during your holiday decorating this year. These clips are designed to clip on to your shingles or gutters. To purchase these clips, check your local home improvement store in their holiday section. Clips in this post can be found online or in stores at Lowe’s and come in packs of 100. 

Creatures in the Attic?

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Fluttering at night? Noises in your attic? Feeling like you’re not alone in your home? You may not be.

While we’re not referring to ghosts or goblins, we’re alluding to a much worse horror story in the making: BATS. Cute as they are, guano can cause damage to your roof. Guano, or bat droppings, look like mice droppings, however bats deposit in piles, which may lead to mold and fungus growth, with potential for wood rot in your roof or attic. Bats are extremely beneficial to the environment, but they can carry diseases and additional pests that are harmful to humans. Keep an eye on possible entry points such as dormers, vents, ridge caps, or gaps in fascia and roof trim; if you notice dark staining near these areas, bats may be the culprit. If you suspect these (or any other) critters in your dwelling, you may consider contacting @trianglepestinc to have them safely removed. 

How UV Rays affect your Roof

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On a hot sunny day, the temperatures of a traditional roof can be more that 50 degree Fahrenheit warmer than the outside temperature making it very easy to make an egg over medium above your home. This intense heat on the roof can contribute to higher inside temperatures, higher energy costs and uncomfortable indoors conditions for anyone without air conditioning.

As UV rays breaks the down the molecular structure of your roof extremely slowly, other evident damages occur. These include shingle discoloring, and warped/ crumbling shingles. When warping occurs, the roof shingles will curl and loosen. When crumbling occurs the material begins to decay and fall apart. A roofing technician can provide an accurate diagnose of possible damage and extend the life of your roof with regular maintenance. Contact us today! 919-906-3791

Roof Cost

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We specialize in asphalt shingle roofing and depending on the size of your home, this is a round about cost for replacing a roof. (Mansions are a little more of course.) Artisan can provide you with a FREE roof replacement estimate so you can find out how much your replacement will cost and simply just call us when ever you’re ready! 919-906-3791
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