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Leaking Roofs & How Artisan Handles Repairs or Replacement

Once the roof starts to leak, you must act immediately to prevent the damage from becoming extensive to your home. Technicians who fix roof leaks in Cary advise homeowners to look for signs that could mean that their roofing needs to be repaired. Roof leaks should always be resolved by a licensed roofing contractor.

Risks of Roof Leaks

When the roof begins to leak, it is important to act immediately to resolve the problem. In not solving the problem, you run the risk of water damage. The water damage to the structure could mean even more money has to be shelled out to replace other parts of the roofing. If the problem persists, you may end up having to replace the entire roof. Mold can develop due to the accumulation of moisture. The excess mold growth will eventually enter the air ducts. Your utility costs could also increase due to air escaping the structure. Leaks can damage the insulation in the home. Any electrical wiring in the leaking roof could pose risks of a fire if the problem is bad enough.

Most Common Roof Repairs

If mold is an issue, mold remediation may be needed before the technician can fix roof leaks in Cary. This will require that the magnitude of the mold must be fully understood to begin mold remediation before the affected area can be corrected. If the framing is showing signs of deterioration, then the framing may have to be replaced. In addition to replacing the framing, the walls and joists may need to be replaced. If the flashing has become loose, the licensed roofing contractor may have to complete a series of repairs that includes replacing the flashing. If inadequate head lap is used, it may have to be re-installed or replaced to address the leakage problem. If the seams have become undone, then the seams may ultimately have to be replaced with heat welding to eliminate exposure to moisture. If the flashing has become problematic, additional flashing would have to be cut to replace the failing areas.

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A leaking roof can be caused by a number of reasons. This is why a complete diagnostic has to be performed in order to determine the exact cause of the roofing leak. If the person’s roof begins to leak, it is important to have a roofing technician carefully examine the problem and address the issues immediately to prevent, water damage, safety hazards, and total roof failure.