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When it comes to choosing a roof repair company, we know it can be difficult to know who to trust. Do you call a handyman or a roofer? You want to ensure you’re getting a fair price for your roof repair while also receiving a flawless result that holds up long-term. You need a roofing contractor who doesn’t ignore issues to keep the price low, who always follows through, and who never cuts corners. We’re the roofers for you.

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Repair your roof leaks before it's too late

As soon as you notice a roof leak, whether it’s wet spots on the ceiling, or puddles located on the floor of your attic, it’s time to call a roofing company to inspect the leak. If left for too long, it will get worse, and could have a negative impact on the rest of your home. Let our certified roofers stop your roof leaks in their tracks. 

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Delivering quality roof repairs that last

That’s what you’ll get with Artisan Quality Roofing. Whether you have a roof leak, missing shingles, critter damage, or storm damage, you can rest assured our skilled roofers will not only deliver the best-in-class roof repairs, but will also provide the thorough, communicative, and honest service you deserve.

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Brighten up your home

If you’re worried about your skylights leaking or want to bring new light into your home by adding a new skylight into your roof, our expert team can help you pick out the perfect skylights for your home or repair your current ones. We carry out repairs, replacements, & installations with thoroughness and accuracy so you can have peace of mind your skylight will stand the test of time.

Delivering highly-technical work, flawlessly

A badly-installed skylight can start leaking quickly. To avoid problems in the near-future with yours, you need a talented skylight installer that knows what they’re doing. 

Our highly-skilled roofing technicians are expert skylight installers too – and our new skylight installations come with a 20 year product warranty. What’s not to love? 

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Chimney Repairs

If your chimney is leaking, it’s likely your chimney flashing or chimney chase cover is the culprit.

We’ll inspect your chimney, repair any damage, and replace broken or missing parts to make sure your chimney is watertight. Just like skylights, chimney repairs are easy to mess up. Our trained technicians have the knowledge, skills, & experience to repair your chimney, the right way.

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We begin with a free onsite inspection where our certified roof contractors assess the damage, identify leaks, and take photos.



We’ll send you a quote and recommendations for your repairs within 1-2 business days. If you accept, we email a work date within 1 business day. 



On the date of the repair, we let you know when we’re on the way, complete the repair work that day, and check-in a week later to make sure you’re happy!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! While roofing in North Carolina does not require a specific license, Artisan Quality Roofing’s owner is a certified general contractor, and our roofing experts are certified with the top three shingle manufacturers. All of our team members are also fully insured with worker’s compensation so that you can have peace of mind that you will not be held liable for any accidents that happen on your property. We offer a copy of our Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Maybe – in some cases, if you provide an inspection report with photos from a home inspector, our roofing experts can put together a roof quote offsite. This helps speed up the process so we can get your repair on the calendar as soon as possible.

Our repair schedule varies based on the current number of repair requests we have. If you have a deadline or a bad leak, we work hard to accommodate your schedule as best as possible. To find out how far out we are currently scheduling, you can call our office or contact us here.

You don’t need to be at home for the inspection or the repair as we can assess everything from the exterior. However, if you have a roof leak and you don’t know where it’s coming from, we may need to inspect the interior of your home to pinpoint the leak during our initial inspection. Either way, we always send a text to let you know when we are on our way.

We offer a 2-5 year workmanship warranty which protects against leaks or defects where we repaired your roof. Our official workmanship warranty is available upon request.

Our roof repairs usually take less than one day to complete! We’ll also notify you when we’re on the way to the property.

If you have a concern regarding your roof, we are happy to offer a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate. In rare circumstances, we need to charge a small service fee for realtors or formal inspection reports, but we will be sure to communicate this prior to scheduling an inspection. We know a lot of roofers in North Carolina go door-to-door offering free inspections with ulterior motives. That’s not our style. We like to help our customers make informed decisions with honest, thorough inspections and estimates – no strings attached.

Our experienced in-house roofing contractors respect your property as if it’s their own, ensuring to leave it as clean and mess-free as they found it. We’ve never received a call back from debris left during a roof repair!

Our roofing crew is equipped to handle minor carpentry work as needed. If you need extensive carpentry work, we recommend hiring a carpentry specialist for the project.

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