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You’ve likely had some roofing contractors knocking at your door after a storm, proposing free inspections. The thing is, these inspections sometimes come with strings attached and result in an unwanted sales pitch, or an insurance claim you didn’t want to file. If you want an honest, thorough, and truly informative roof inspection without any obligations, talk to our reliable, local team today.

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Our roof inspections are educational, detailed, and don’t hide the truth to make the price lower. At the same time, we want to empower you to make a truly informed choice, rather than push you into work you don’t need. You’ll understand what’s going on beneath the surface and get expert recommendations on the work needed – whether you chose to hire us or not. 

Learn more about our roof inspection options below.

What we offer

Storm inspections & drone inspections

If you’ve been hit by a storm, there’s probably a lot going through your mind. Dealing with insurance claims, damage you’re not aware of, getting the money together for repairs. It can all be quite stressful.

That’s why we offer caring support with thorough, honest inspections. We offer help each step of the way while also allowing you to file the claim yourself so you can have total autonomy and control over your finances.

Throughout the process, you’ll know exactly what to expect with regular updates and receive a report with our expert recommendations.

Informal roof inspections

If you know there’s something wrong with your roof but can’t put your finger on it, have leaks or visible damage, or know your roof is old but aren’t sure just how old, our informal roof inspections are perfect for you.

We’ll give you a free inspection to guide you in the right direction and tell you honestly what areas need tending to. If your roof doesn’t need any repairs, we’ll be 100% honest with you and tell you just that.

But if your roof does need costly work, we’ll also tell you. Because that’s just how we do things here. We’re on your side and want to give you an honest, genuine roof inspection. Not a cheap, short-term fix to win the sale.

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Formal roof inspections

Whether you’re sizing up a house to buy and want to know what condition it’s roof is in or a seller/realtor in need of an inspection report, our formal inspections will give you the detailed insights you need to make an informed decision.

We’ll assess your entire roof, identify problem areas and take detailed notes and photos of any areas of concern. We’ll then compile our findings and recommendations into an organized formal report.

For formal inspections and realtor inspections, a small service charge will apply, and we’ll provide partial credit to the job if you decide to use our roof replacement or repair services.

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Get in touch and tell us what kind of inspection you’re looking for, and we will schedule the inspection then and there.



During your inspection, our certified roof contractors assess the damage, identify leaks, write notes, and take photos.



After the inspection, we’ll send you our detailed recommendations within 1-2 business days.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes! While roofing in North Carolina does not require a specific license, Artisan Quality Roofing’s owner is a certified general contractor, and our roofing experts are certified with the top three shingle manufacturers. All of our team members are also fully insured with worker’s compensation so that you can have peace of mind that you will not be held liable for any accidents that happen on your property. We offer a copy of our Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Both inspections include a thorough inspection of your roof for any evidence of hail or wind damage that would qualify for an insurance claim. For both inspections, we thoroughly inspect and photograph all parts of your roof to provide you with an accurate recommendation. The main difference is that for a drone inspection, no one will physically walk on your roof. In most instances, we conduct physical storm inspections where a team member walks the roof. However, drone storm inspections are a great option for 3-story homes and multi-family properties.

Unless you need a formal report with photos and detailed notes outlining the damages, you most likely only need an informal inspection. Formal inspections are most common in home sale situations where thorough documentation is needed for the negotiation process.

You don’t need to be at home as we can assess everything from the exterior. However, if you have a roof leak and you don’t know where it’s coming from, we may need to inspect the interior of your home to pinpoint the leak. Either way, we always send a text to let you know when we are on our way.

While we do not file the insurance claim for you, we can answer questions, talk to your insurance rep, and be onsite for the adjustor meeting to point out areas of damage and answer questions. Some contractors offer to file a claim for you and pocket some of the money themselves, or tell you to file for storm damage when you don’t have any. We like to give you peace of mind knowing your claim is 100% in your hands.

Even if roofers are knocking on your door and everyone in your neighborhood is doing it, we recommend waiting to have a trusted roofing expert inspect your roof before you file a claim. If they find enough damage, you can call your insurance company, and your insurance agent will walk you through the claims process. For more information, check out our blog post on how to file an insurance claim.

If you have a concern regarding your roof, we are happy to offer a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate. In rare circumstances, we need to charge a small service fee for realtors or formal inspection reports, but we will be sure to communicate this prior to scheduling an inspection. We know a lot of roofers in North Carolina go door-to-door offering free inspections with ulterior motives. That’s not our style. We like to help our customers make informed decisions with honest, thorough inspections and estimates – no strings attached.

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