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We install Sun Tunnels & Skylights

Artisan Quality Roofing is happy to announce that we are now Velux certified to install sun tunnels, in addition to skylights. If you are considering adding more natural light and solar energy to your home, this is the solution for you.

north carolina suntube skylights

What are Sun Tunnels?

Sun tunnels are often used in spaces like hallways, bathrooms, closets, or other areas where it may be challenging to install traditional windows or skylights. They are particularly useful in buildings or rooms where the installation of larger windows or skylights might be impractical or too costly.

velux sun tunnels

What are Skylights?

A skylight is a window or series of windows installed in the roof of a building to provide natural light to the interior space below. Skylights are designed to admit daylight and, in some cases, fresh air, creating a brighter and more open atmosphere in rooms that might otherwise be limited in their access to natural light.

Benefits of Natural Light

Energy Efficiency



Enhanced Well-Being


Space Utilization

Connection to Outdoors

traditional skylights provide ample lighting and natural heat

Let our team of experts handle your sun tunnel or skylight installation. We are ready to let some light into your home today!

We partner with Velux to bring you high quality lighting solutions for your home.




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