Comparing Apples to Apples: Good Roof Replacement Estimates

It is a common occurrence to receive a roof replacement quote that seems enticingly low, but it is essential not to be misled. Such quotes may exclude critical components, such as matching brand name materials, flashing, and drip edge.  

Additionally, many companies may use multiple subcontractors, pay for reviews, or lack proper insurance coverage. So, what makes for a good roof replacement estimate? Fortunately, we have compiled a list of what homeowners should look for, making it easier for you to make an informed decision when comparing estimates for a roof replacement. 

Our Raleigh-Durham area roofing company has the years of experience and knowledge to help with your search for a roofing contractor in the triangle area. Be sure to consider the factors listed below before deciding. 

Detailed Scope of Work 

Ensure the estimate provides a comprehensive list of tasks and materials involved in the roof replacement. 

Materials Specification 

Verify the type and brand of roofing materials being used. Materials have varying lifespans and performance characteristics. All high-quality roofing manufacturers produce not only the shingle but also the corresponding accessories and they should all be specifically listed.  Otherwise, there may be warranty concerns down the road if an issue were to arise. 

Roofing System Components 

Check if the estimate includes all necessary components, such as underlayment, flashing, vents, and any other accessories required for a complete roofing system. 

Roof Warranty Information 

Review the warranty details for both labor and materials. A reputable contractor should offer warranties to guarantee the quality of their work. 

Timeline for Completion 

Understand the estimated timeline for the project, including the start date and expected completion date. 

Roof Replacement Payment Terms 

Clarify the payment schedule and terms. Be cautious of contractors who require 30% or up to full payment upfront. 

Insurance and Licensing 

Ensure the contractor is licensed and insured. Request proof of insurance and verify that they meet local licensing requirements. Although there is not a specific license for roofing in the state of North Carolina, a General Contractors License is Required over the amount of $30,000.00. You should certainly verify that the roofer is fully insured with both general liability and workman’s compensation. Artisan Quality Roofing is fully insured and licensed across the board. 

References and Reviews 

Ask for references from previous customers and check online reviews to gauge the contractor’s reputation. Be sure to read the reviews for detail and content because a lot of companies pay for reviews. Look for detailed recollections of the homeowner’s experience, specific employee names, etc. Many fake reviews are short and generic. We pride ourselves on having 5-star reviews from our customers and basing our services on integrity and quality work for more than a decade.  

Cleanup and Disposal 

Confirm that the estimate includes the cost of debris removal and cleanup after the project is completed. 

Communication Plan 

Clarify how communication will be handled throughout the project. A clear line of communication helps prevent misunderstandings. 

Additional Costs 

Be aware of any potential additional costs that may arise during the project and how they will be handled. 

Things to Keep in Mind 

Many contractors say they are insured, have been around for several years, have their own in-house crew and use high quality materials…but they lack the physical proof to back it up. They show up to do the work in trucks that do not match, crew members that have only worked together a handful of times, and none of their quality claims made on the front end can be substantiated.  

You should be able to reference previous and current work. Check out our interactive project map here to view thousands of projects we’ve completed in the Triangle Area. When driving by a job site, look for organization and uniformity. Check to see if the crew is working as a cohesive unit, or a mismatched group. Vehicles should be in decent shape and the house should appear to be well-protected during the replacement process.  

In addition, if you can, swing by the company’s physical office. If there is hesitation on the contractor’s end, or no physical office, this is a red flag. Artisan Quality Roofing is a truly local roofing company in the Raleigh-Durham area with our own state-of-the-art facility and in-house teamFollow us on Social Media to join our family!

All roofer’s claims on the front end (while trying to get the job) should be put in writing. If it is not in writing, it can easily slip through the cracks. Any reputable roofer should be willing to provide references, job addresses, and any requested documentation applicable (Certificate of Insurance). 

Check the Secretary of State website to see how long they have truly been in business. If they are offering a 10-year workmanship warranty and have been in business for two, chances are their doors will close before the end of your warranty period.  

Be wary of contractors with unofficial looking estimates or handwritten estimates. This is a tell-tale sign of a company that works out of a van and/or utilizes random subcontractors. If brand names are not spelled out specifically in each line item of the quote, chances are they will install cheaper accessories on your roof. 

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Hiring the right roofing contractor is a critical step in ensuring the safety and longevity of your home. By looking for these key elements in your estimate, you will be well-equipped to make an informed decision that aligns with your roofing project’s goals and budget.  

Contact our experienced roofing contractors today to take the first step toward a secure and long-lasting roofing solution. Whether you need a repair, or replacement, or simply want to discuss your roofing needs, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.  

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