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Bad Boots?

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These boots were NOT made for walking. Just like rubber rain boots protect the wearer from getting wet, on a roof, rubber pipe ‘boots’ surround and protect areas where plumbing vents penetrate a roof. Boots seal the pipe(s) extending through the roof and prevent precipitation from seeping through around edges. Even properly installed, life expectancy for roof boots is not equivalent to the life expectancy of most modern shingle options. For this reason, boots are the culprit for many roof leaks, as the rubber can crack under prolonged exposure to weather.

While asphalt shingles last upwards of 50 years, most boots last closer to 8-12 years. A regular Roof Tune Up can identify bad or poorly installed boots and replace them prior to any leaks. If you notice a leak that seem to originate near a vent, especially in the bathroom, a cracked or worn boot is likely your source. Ensure you are hiring a roofing professional to repair or replace your boots, as an inexperienced “handyman” can ultimately lead to more damage. Exposed, rusted nails and sloppy caulking applied signify poor or inexperienced workmanship.

Properly installed boots should be nailed on the sides and above the pipe, under the protective shingle layer. If you suspect bad boots, call us today at (919) 906-3791 to schedule a Roof Tune-Up or Repair Estimate.

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