Repair or Replace your Roof?

Roof installation in progress - full view of house

A complete new roof can be cheaper in the long term. Partial re-roofing jobs are more expensive on a cost per square (a 10′ x 10′ area) basis which means a partial roof repair can cost one third of the cost of a complete roof replacement. 

Not only that, if your roof is in poor enough condition, the repair may only last 2-3 years (IF done properly), and still cost upwards of $3,000. When, in comparison, you could have a brand new, 40-year roofing system for a few thousand more. 

Before immediately opting for a repair, talk to your local roofing contractor about the different options. Ask for a cost comparison and how much life you can expect from your roof after your repair. This way, you can consider your options prior to making a steep, short term investment. 

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