Rotted Roof Sheathing and What to Do About It

Damaged roof sheathing found on roof edge

For every roof, there is roof decking. This is the very bottom layer of your roofing system. Typically, it is comprised of many 7/16 OSB sheathing boards nailed into the rafter system of the roof. Every roofing contractor should replace rotted or damaged boards when they replace your roof. Unfortunately, many don’t.

Instead, many contractors, in order to save money, will decide not to replace key components of your roofing system like flashing and sheathing. That means that you won’t really have a full new roofing system, only a partial one. Furthermore, it also means your roof will not last as long and will be more prone to leaks even within just a few years of your roof replacement.

Here at Artisan, we replace every rotted or damaged sheathing board to ensure your home will be water-tight. Not only that, but we also include two free sheathing boards in our roofing estimate to help offset the costs for homeowners.

Wondering how much sheathing you should anticipate needing to be replaced? There are a few key indicators you can look for.

Indicators of Sheathing Damage

Age of your home

The older your roof, the longer it has had to accumulate water damage. If your roof is newer, you most likely will have to replace fewer to no boards.

The condition of your fascia, soffits, and siding

If your siding or fascia has some wood rot, chances are your roof might too.

Quality of your last roof installation

If your last roof was installed poorly, there may be multiple areas with water damage down to the roof decking. Additionally, there is a chance the last roofer did not change rotted sheathing boards.

A basic rule of thumb is that the older the roof, the more sheathing you may need to be replaced. What if your roof is only a couple of years old, has never had any leaks, and is getting replaced for storm damage? Then you may not need any boards replaced (or just a couple). We have seen anything from 0 sheathing boards to 50 sheathing boards (with 50 being very rare). In the end, it is impossible to know how much sheathing needs replacement until the shingles are off your roof, but these key indicators can help you budget for the project.

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