How do I hang holiday lights on my roof and gutters?

Holiday lights on gutter system in snow

The holiday season is here, whether you are ready or not. Holiday lights and films are iconic parts of the season, especially Christmas Vacation. Please keep your safety and your roof’s well-being in mind while you’re decorating this year.

Don’t be like Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation. If you’re unfamiliar with this unsafe method of hanging lights Clark uses, he decorates alone, balances on an unstable ladder, uses a staple gun, almost gets electrocuted and falls off his roof.

While this has certainly made for great holiday entertainment over the years, there are much safer ways to hang lights on your roof.

For the integrity of your roofing system, do not use staples or nails. Staples and nails can damage your shingles and/or void your roof’s warranty. Additionally, they may lead to leaks in the future.

Light clips are the best way to ensure both your roof and your lights remain undamaged during your holiday decorating this year. These clips are designed to clip onto your shingles or gutters. To purchase these clips, check your local home improvement store in their holiday section. Clips in this post can be found online or in stores at Lowe’s and come in packs of 100. 

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