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Creatures in the Attic?

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Fluttering at night? Noises in your attic? Feeling like you’re not alone in your home? You may not be.

While we’re not referring to ghosts or goblins, we’re alluding to a much worse horror story in the making: BATS. Cute as they are, guano can cause damage to your roof. Guano, or bat droppings, look like mice droppings, however bats deposit in piles, which may lead to mold and fungus growth, with potential for wood rot in your roof or attic. Bats are extremely beneficial to the environment, but they can carry diseases and additional pests that are harmful to humans. Keep an eye on possible entry points such as dormers, vents, ridge caps, or gaps in fascia and roof trim; if you notice dark staining near these areas, bats may be the culprit. If you suspect these (or any other) critters in your dwelling, you may consider contacting @trianglepestinc to have them safely removed.