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Bad Boots?

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These boots were NOT made for walking. Just like rubber rain boots protect the wearer from getting wet, on a roof, rubber pipe ‘boots’ surround and protect areas where plumbing vents penetrate a roof. Boots seal the pipe(s) extending through the roof and prevent precipitation from seeping through around edges. Even properly installed, life expectancy for roof boots is not equivalent to the life expectancy of most modern shingle options. For this reason, boots are the culprit for many roof leaks, as the rubber can crack under prolonged exposure to weather.

While asphalt shingles last upwards of 50 years, most boots last closer to 8-12 years. A regular Roof Tune Up can identify bad or poorly installed boots and replace them prior to any leaks. If you notice a leak that seem to originate near a vent, especially in the bathroom, a cracked or worn boot is likely your source. Ensure you are hiring a roofing professional to repair or replace your boots, as an inexperienced “handyman” can ultimately lead to more damage. Exposed, rusted nails and sloppy caulking applied signify poor or inexperienced workmanship.

Properly installed boots should be nailed on the sides and above the pipe, under the protective shingle layer. If you suspect bad boots, call us today at (919) 906-3791 to schedule a Roof Tune-Up or Repair Estimate.

How UV Rays affect your Roof

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On a hot sunny day, the temperatures of a traditional roof can be more that 50 degree Fahrenheit warmer than the outside temperature making it very easy to make an egg over medium above your home. This intense heat on the roof can contribute to higher inside temperatures, higher energy costs and uncomfortable indoors conditions for anyone without air conditioning.

As UV rays breaks the down the molecular structure of your roof extremely slowly, other evident damages occur. These include shingle discoloring, and warped/ crumbling shingles. When warping occurs, the roof shingles will curl and loosen. When crumbling occurs the material begins to decay and fall apart. A roofing technician can provide an accurate diagnose of possible damage and extend the life of your roof with regular maintenance. Contact us today! 919-906-3791

Roof Cost

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We specialize in asphalt shingle roofing and depending on the size of your home, this is a round about cost for replacing a roof. (Mansions are a little more of course.) Artisan can provide you with a FREE roof replacement estimate so you can find out how much your replacement will cost and simply just call us when ever you’re ready! 919-906-3791

Roof Shingle Types

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Roof Shingle Types

Asphalt roofing shingles are available in two primary forms: three-tab and dimensional.

  • Three-tab asphalt shingles are a linear, traditional style that is rapidly declining in popularity and gradually disappearing altogether.
  • Dimensional roofing shingles are preferred by today’s discerning homeowners. These laminated shingles come in a wide variety of colors, styles and profiles, each designed to fit a range of looks and budgets.

High-end dimensional roofing shingles can mimic the designer look of natural slate tiles or genuine cedar shakes without their associated expense or maintenance worries. In areas where local fire codes prohibit the use of wood shakes, these Class A, Fire- Resistance-rated dimensional shingles can help you achieve the look of real wood.

Asphalt shingles are less expensive than other types of roofing materials, which explains their popularity. Asphalt operates as a sealant that waterproofs the ceiling of your home. Due to the solidity of asphalt, it also increases the strength of the shingle itself. The length of time you can expect the shingles to perform will depend on your climate, installation, and a variety of other factors. Note that asphalt shingle warranties vary considerably from one manufacturer to another. Many companies offer limited lifetime warranties and assorted pro-rated periods.