Is Your Roof Winter-Ready? How Winter Weather Damages Your Roofing System

Brutal winter weather damages your roofing system - parallel to potholes damaging your car

Is your roof ready for this brutal winter? By now you should know that potholes are the result of the freeze/thaw. The rapid swings in temperature can wreak havoc on the asphalt roads and cause them to fail. Likewise, every time you hit a pothole, think about your asphalt roof! Read on to learn how winter weather damages your roofing system.

It might be worth the preventive maintenance to have a professional roofer get up there and take a close look at your roof & ventilation system.

The continual heating/cooling can cause ice dams which occur when accumulated snow on a sloping roof melts and flows down the roof until it reaches an area cold enough and then refreezes, typically at the eaves.

The ice formed in such a way often grows and “backs up” the roof pushing its way under the shingles and damaging everything in its path. This is a situation that you want to identify early.

Get a free inspection to determine if your roof is winter-ready.

And remember to think about your roof every time you see a pothole!

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