What are roof nail pops, and why do I need to fix them?

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Many things can cause roof nail pops. During climate changes, expansion and contraction can make the nail pop up. When this happens, the roof shingles become loose and start to lift.

In other instances, roof nail pops form when your roofer doesn’t nail the shingles in properly.

Additionally, the roof installers could have used nails that were too short. 

It’s not uncommon to have a few roof nail pops. However, left unattended, the roofing system can become compromised. As a result, water can start to penetrate the wood causing roof leaks and interior damage.

There are many reasons why roof nail pops occur. Overall, what matters most is taking care of them as soon as you notice raised shingles.

If the roof nail pops are dealt with immediately, a fix can be quite simple.  Removing and replacing the loose nails and sealing the roof shingles down will take care of the problem. Furthermore, it will prevent other more expensive damages from occurring.

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