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We Offer Free Virtual Roof Estimates!

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Get your roof replacement estimate…from the comfort of your home! 

As we bunker down in this winter season during COVID, we understand needing to limit in-person contact. That’s why we offer virtual Zoom consultations for roof replacements! 

During the video call, you will learn about:

  • The different roofing materials we use and recommend
  • Our workmanship & warranties
  • How we put estimates together
  • Red flags to notice as you research contractors
  • Tips for choosing your contractor


One of our core values at Artisan is transparency. We want to explain to customers the roof replacement process so that they aren’t just looking at a number when they get the estimate. Instead, they can see the full picture and ensure that, with whomever they pick, they will feel confident that they are getting a roofing system that will last and a contractor they can rely on. 

The number does not tell the whole story. If you just compare the bottom lines, you may end up choosing a contractor that cuts corners and uses unqualified subcontractors for the work. As a result, your roof won’t last nearly as long as it should, and you could end up with roofing issues even just a few years after your roof replacement. You can learn more about how to choose your roofing contractor in our last blog post. 

“How can you provide an estimate without seeing my roof?”

Excellent question! We utilize satellite image reports to gather roof measurements. They show us the exact measurements, angles, and pitches of the roof. They also indicate whether or not your home has skylights. 

At Artisan, we do not just replace your shingles. We also replace all the roofing system accessories to ensure that your whole roofing system is operating as good as new. As a result, we are able to do an estimate based on measurements because we know our thorough replacement will take care of any leaks or shingle/flashing issues. 

If there are any additional areas of concern whether it be skylights, wood rot, or potential storm damage, we are always happy to then send someone out to assess onsite following the initial consultation.

With this stressful season of COVID, our goal is to provide you with the best roofing system possible without any undue stress. Interested? Give our office a call at 919-906-3791. As a truly local roofing company, we are always here to help.