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How to Pick the Perfect Roof Color You’ll Love

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A homeowner reviews roof color samples

Picking a roof color can feel as complicated as picking a rug, curtains, or flooring.

What looks best with the rest of your house?

Why does every color look the same?

Skip the overwhelm, and follow our step-by-step guide for how to pick a roof color for your home that you’ll love (and that will complement the rest of your house!).

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Shingle Brand Colors & Textures

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shingle brand colors: roof swatches

Choosing a roof shingle and color is no longer as simple as picking black, brown, or gray. There are brands, products, and seemingly endless color choices. To help you sort through the ever-growing list of options, we are going do a breakdown of shingle brand colors and textures.  

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Roof Shingle Colors | New Blog Series

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Roof Shingle Colors blog post featured image - beautiful home with new roof in springtime

When you think “roof replacement”, we’re guessing the word “fun” doesn’t come to mind. Instead, you’re probably thinking, “time, money, energy, investment, complicated…” All the things. The one fun thing about it? Exploring roof shingle colors for your house.

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