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Filing an Insurance Claim for Storm Damage: The Wrong Way

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Contractor & homeowner shaking hands & discussing insurance claim for storm damage

Roofers and landscapers are knocking on your door. Tree limbs and missing shingles lay scattered across your neighbor’s yards. You start seeing tree trimmers and landscapers clean up the neighborhood. Roofers tear offing and putting up new roofs. Your house seems fine, but you start to wonder: Is my roof okay? Should I file a claim for storm damage? 

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How Do I Pick a Roofing Contractor? (And Why Should I Avoid Storm Chasers?)

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With every storm season in Raleigh, NC comes an army of roofers canvassing the neighborhoods. There are yard signs galore and construction projects daily. Before signing with the first roofing contractor available, we strongly recommend you do your research.

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Hurricane Checklist: A Simple Guide for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Checklist

Summers are BUSY! With vacations, family visiting, and kids out of school, it’s challenging to find time to keep your house in order. With hurricane season here, we wanted to create a quick guide with steps to prepare your home. Check out our hurricane checklist below!

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Woodland Terrace Assisted Living Roof Replacements

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Cary kept us busy with roof replacements this April! Here are just a few roof pictures of an assisted living facility in Cary, NC that we worked on just a couple of weeks ago.

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Think about this before hiring a roofing contractor

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A local roofing contractor crew!

We recently came across an excellent article from HomeAdvisor that goes over 7 mistakes to avoid when hiring a roofing contractor. Here’s a helpful breakdown:

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